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Part of every company’s goals is Employee Welfare and Engagement to avoid attrition and to keep the employees happy and working at their best potential which will in turn make the business more successful. According to, there is only 1 in 4 UK businesses that has a wellness program. This is a very low percentage considering there are a lot of businesses in the country. And those that have wellness programs but with very shallow purposes, this is what Ben Willmott, head of public policy in CIPD, said: “Employers who invest in wellbeing need to look at their broader organizational culture first, including leadership, values, and how managers are developed and supported to manage people in the right way. Wellbeing should support this, but if it’s just treated as a bolt-on it wouldn’t be surprising for interventions to be ineffective.” Employers really have to be sincere on implementing this kind of programs or in the end their money will just be wasted.

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How to cope with stress

Stress is one of the major causes of many health problems because it weakens the immune system and degrades our total well-being. As per the latest statistics from the Mental Health Foundation, 74% of UK’s population have felt too much stress in the past year (we’re speaking of Covid days here already), 32% have had suicidal thoughts and 16% of which have tried hurting themselves as a way of releasing stress, tension and overwhelming feelings. Isn’t this heartbreaking?

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Why do you need Proper Nutrition?

Proper nutrition is needed by every individual in order to perform daily tasks and live life to the fullest. Pretty sure, almost everyone already know that there is a daily caloric requirement needed per day for every person and this differs based on age, sex and rate of physical activity. But do we really understand how we’re going to achieve it?

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