What worked well for Tree Surgeon Glasgow

We wanted to share with you our experience with one of the companies that we are working with. They just recently acquired our corporate wellness programs and they have already been seeing improvement in their workforce. We’ve deployed Nutritionists, Therapists and held a few seminars already in their workplace and their employees have been very responsive. They are the Tree Surgeon Glasgow. They are the leading local choice of Glasgow residents when it comes to arboricultural work.

To give you a background on their business, they offer a variety of services such as Tree Felling, Tree Pruning and Hedge Trimming. They have a lot of customers already since they are very well-accommodating and they provide a free quotation without obligation. They tailor their services to meet the exact requirements of their clients and they even remove waste timber and foliage for the perfect finish.

Since they wanted to keep their employees happy and healthy (because the jobs really require a lot of physical activities), they sought our help in creating a wellness program specific to their people. First, we conducted a wellness screening to determine the over-all health status of each of their employees and then we classified their employees into different groups from those who need immediate wellness attention to the least. Second, we assigned different personnel for each group. Those that needed help with their diet – we assigned a specific Nutritionist for them to consult with and it turned out, many of them are interested and willing to follow meal plans. Those that needed therapy due to stress or other factors – we assigned a Psychologist/Therapist for each employee to talk to and share their experience. In this way, they are able to release all their emotions in a special session and they figure out the next steps on their own. Third, we also deployed Fitness coaches – those that are interested to stretch and do some vigorous exercises are the participants for these sessions. The company is just on their first month and the employees are really appreciating the programs.

We’ve spoken recently to one of their HR managers and he said that they have been getting a lot of good feedback. One of their employees said: “I really like the fitness sessions. I am really enjoying myself and this is also one way of releasing my stress.” The HR manager also said that there had been fewer absences and the employees are really excited in going to work. It also shows in the quality of work they are providing. Their clients have also been very happy because the employees respond fast and they are very friendly. These are just the initial changes in the workplace and if these programs are consistent, employees will perform their best at work and it will really add to the success of the company.

If you want your company to experience the same thing as the Tree Surgeon Glasgow, you can set up an initial meeting with us to know your options. We will be happy to assist you!

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